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We build belonging.
Innovating the invisible.

Architecting acceptance        Scaffolding support
Engineering opportunity

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"Because people don’t fail their communities,
their communities

Andrea DelZotto


“There’s a tendency to say, if I change the way you think, you’ll change the way you behave. But it’s not actually true. If you want to change someone’s behaviour, change the context around them and they'll respond to that context.”
-  Rich Lesser - BCG  


We are a collaborative research, innovation and investment team, focused on the intersection of people and place.


We believe there’s new criteria defining successful communities: Things such as belonging, opportunity, engagement, resilience, and  physical & mental health.


We explore the physical environment & its social impact. Individual problems are societal problems. We take an “outside-in” approach to fixing them.


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Prior to starting Concrete Cardinal, Andrea spent the last 25 years in the world of real estate, in her family business, Tridel; one of the largest privately held residential real estate groups in Canada. 

In her final management role as EVP, Community Development at Tridel, Andrea focused on the strategic advancement of Tridel’s most valuable asset; its brand and reputation. Andrea continues to serve on the Tridel Group of Companies Board of Directors, a role and responsibility which she finds to be ultimately fulfilling, as it brings the opportunity to implement strong governance and navigate the transition of a legacy business into the complexities of a new economy. 

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We're building a space to spark enthusiasm and imagination, to

co-create an inventory of less-than perfect-experiences and discover outside-in solutions.


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